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Secure your creativity on the NFT blockchain.

Create a MC world, sell it as an NFT, get $ every time it sells. Intensify your creativity by being recognized on the blockchain.

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With a concerningly dangerous climate and hundreds of creatures on the edge of extinction it is more important than it ever has been that everyone makes differ contributes to saving this planet.

To ensure that humanity and many other animals have a place on Earth, CryptoCrafties will donate up to $80 dollars to various charities every time a Minecraft build is published.

GreenSee proudly donates to:

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How to Sell Your MC World as an NFT on the blockchain

The Marketplace to Sell MC Worlds as NFT. (Non-Fungible Tokens)

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Our Service

Email us your Minecraft Builds and we'll sell the file on the blockchain (the first time is free of charge). This allows you to sell your creations across the internet without buying cryptocurrency. When someone buys your design you get paid, when they edit and re-sell your design, you get paid a portion.

We pay the gas in Ether for you, so you don't need a cryptocurrency or a wallet. 
When it sells, we will deliver the money to you in dollars

NFT, Cryptocurrency & Blockchains

What Is This

Ether is a cyrtpo currency like Bitcoin. They are digital currencies created by a group of people where every transaction is recorded on the blockchain - a digital ledger. So everyone knows all the transactions that have taken place. 

NFT stands for non-fungible token, a digital asset. By turning your file into a NFT, it becomes a digital asset, recorded as its unique self in that place and time. 

An image (Owned by Minecraft) of two characters and a dog staring at a large world of adventure.

How to publish your builds

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Download Minecraft

If you want to sell your designs you are going to need a Minecraft account. Everything sold in CryptoCrafties has to be made in Minecraft. If you would like to download Minecraft please click here.

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