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How we Work

CryptoCrafties is small platform that uses popular survival game Minecraft to allow it's user to sell their creations. Minecraft is a survival game that focusses on collecting resources in order to design infrastructure and CryptoCrafties lets you sell said infrastructure. You simply send us a file that contains the worlds data and an image of your world, wait for it to sell and get paid.

When someone buys your build, money is sent to you and the buyer has the option to modify (a copy) and resell your build. If the buyer chooses to resell the file you will be paid a portion of the cash they make.

NFTs and Cryptocurrency

It kind of rhymes

NFT is an acronym for Non-fungible token and refers to any unique digital item that exists on the blockchain and generally has a changing value. Digital items like art, animation, or music are often sold as NFTs because it protects them and increases the difficulty of replicating it. The same follows for your MC creations.  

The thing that makes CryptoCrafties special however is that you don't need to own Cryptocurrency to sell your art. Normally, in order to sell an NFT you need to own a cryptocurrency of some kind and pay up to $60 of gas but with CryptoCrafties you can sell all your creations for free and you don't have to own any Cryptocurrency. 

Once you send us your build we publish it to the NFT market on where it can be bought by internet users and allow them to access it too.

However, NFTs have recently been known to be problematic. Due to NFT scams and ridiculously overpriced tokens it can be difficult to trust NFTs but CryptoCrafties believes they can be used for good. Support us in changing the blockchain for good.

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